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    Post  daxflame100 on Fri May 13, 2011 3:32 pm

    * 1.) No Spamming - Quite simple. Spamming includes useless posts, unrelated posts, and the occasional one word post. One word posts can slide a lot of the time because I am aware that one word can often sum up a post. This includes creating multiple accounts. Anyone caught with a multiple account with have their alternate account immediately banned.

    * 2.) No Flaming - Basically don't call people names, bash on what they do or how they are, or put down on them in any way. This does NOT include criticism, but please be polite with criticism if you can. I know I may be asking for a lot with that one but hang in there buddy.

    * 3.) No Vulgar Content - Pornography of any sort, even if it may be just drawn. -coughstare-. No gore-like content, we do have some very young posters that may somewhat be scared for life. No excessive cursing outside of the venting section. And don't just fill your threads there with curse words just to do it. That will be considered spam.

    * 4.) No Advertising - Advertising without permission results in an automatic permanent ban. This mostly just goes for private servers or other illegal acting websites.

    * 5.) DO NOT distribute illegal products, or discuss illegal activity on our website! We emphasize this almost more than any other rule. We do NOT want talk or distribution of illegal products such as video editing software, animation software, or anything along the lines of pirated programs.


    * 7.)rules of the forum SamJackson1# Basically don't repeat C&C that's already been given. (THIS RULE IS NOT WARNABLE)

    * 8.) If you don't believe in the Kamina that believes in you, you best be believin' you're about to be banned.

    * 9.) Resurrection of the dead is fine as long as you keep it clean. however, it's not okay if you bring back a "dead" thread for no reason. So please, let them rest in peace. They died for a reason.

    the same thing goes with infractions we ban you after 10
    for abuse its automatic ban people =P

    this is from maplemation so yea dont tell tate XD

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